Immediate Time to Value

Agentless and Automated
for Every Business

Quick and easy to deploy.

Agentless platform gathers data from existing security tools and technologies.

Automatic data ingestion.

Epiphany absorbs data from your existing systems and can integrate external data for instant analysis.

No impact on your environment.

Because Epiphany uses an agentless data ingestion engine, it won’t disrupt your systems or operations.

Any scale, any environment.

Epiphany works for any enterprise, no matter how many assets, in cloud, local, and hybrid.

Create Immediate Business Value


Epiphany ingests data from your existing systems without operational impact.
And then analyzes each technical issue in context with its true business impact.

Reduce Time to Context

Harness the Power of Your
Existing Security Tools

Epiphany ingests data from all your existing systems without affecting your operations.


Put Your Security on Offense

Proactively Identify Attack Paths

Continuous analysis of latest threats and risks, 24/7/365

Minimize Risk Exposure

Understand new attack data and what to do for effective exposure management

Prevent Impact

Automatically assess risk based on context and prioritize mitigation of most critical risks

Put Your Security on Offense

Evaluates multiple data dimensions to quantify your risk maturity.

Why it matters. You gain a clearer measure of your ability
to protect against adverse impacts.

  • Recommend risk-reduction actions in line with your strategic business objectives.
  • Quantify specific activities to improve your organization’s risk maturity.
  • Benchmark and track plans to move to a higher state of risk maturity.
  • Ensure your risk maturity posture is better today and even better tomorrow.
Evaluates multiple data dimensions to quantify your risk maturity.

The Epiphany Difference

Faster results. Greater
awareness. Better ROI.


By mapping threats and prioritizing risks, Epiphany focuses your resources on faster, more efficient, and more effective mitigation, before an attack occurs.


Accelerated risk maturity.

By narrowing your view of risk and focusing your attention on the most critical assets, Epiphany helps target your defense efforts like never before. Red Teams take a long time to plan, set up, and execute, but Epiphany changes all that puts a virtual Red Team on the job every day.

Accelerated risk maturity.

Executive buy-in.

With business-oriented data, Epiphany makes it easier for technical leaders, like CISOs, to drive executive risk decisions and investments.

Executive buy-in

Return on investment.

By guiding more efficient risk mitigation, Epiphany lets your analysts do more, cost-effectively. And by measuring the effectiveness of your security tools, Epiphany shows you the ones that are giving you the highest ROI..

Return on investment