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Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration. The physics of motion are well documented, and we understand how these scalar and vector quantities differ. In information security and cyber risk management the dynamics are not as well understood which has confused our ability to distinguish between motion and progress. This confusion intensifies our escalating risk cycle by causing a mirage of control that continues to lead us down a path of compromise and catastrophe, adding not only to our growing cyber labor shortage but also generating greater societal cyber risk implications.
If you were in the United States in November of 2021, more than likely your focus was on how to dodge the newest COVID-19 variant while trying to find a turkey product not affected by the supply chain woes. Perhaps that was coupled with the concerns about the lack of black Friday sales due to a consumer price index that showed record inflation. Cybersecurity professionals were getting first glimpses of a log4j vulnerability that was preparing to dominate the news cycle.