Going beyond the motion(s) of Cybersecurity

Written by Malcolm Harkins and published in:

CISA’s Epiphany: Why focusing on exploitability trumps criticality

If you were in the United States in November of 2021, more than likely your focus was on how to.

Throwing logs on the fire: Why the Log4j vulnerability is worse (and more difficult to fix) than you think

Why the Log4j vulnerability is worse (and more difficult to fix) than you think. Unless you have.

Malcolm Harkins Joins Epiphany Systems as Chief Security Officer

Cybersecurity luminary joins executive team to expand global footprint.

Epiphany Systems Launches into the Cybersecurity Market with Industry’s First Offensive Context-Aware Platform

Epiphany’s ‘Exploitability Index’ helps contextualize cyber risk and drives better decisions.

The Good, The Bad & The Value of Cybersecurity

Last week someone responded to an article entitled “Why do Chief Security Officers Leave Their Job.

Cybersecurity for Remote Workers: 8 Key Checkpoints

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, malicious cyber activity has skyrocketed. Bad actors are.

5 Ways Financial Services Companies Can Avoid Fines For Risk Management Noncompliance

Federal regulators recently slapped Citigroup, the nation’s third largest bank, with a $400 million.

Election Risks and Other Worries for Local Governments

The coming election, with all of its complexities and potential controversies, is at the forefront.

Blind Spots

2020 has completely uprooted our lives. Many individuals have started working from home, which has.