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The Best Defense Understands the Offense

Epiphany connects the dots across your environment and quickly delivers crucial context to proactively identify gaps in your security posture and reduce your exposure to material risk. The Epiphany Intelligence Platform is a simple and powerful way to get the most out of your existing security tools.

The Best Defense Understands the Offense

Prevention in Action

The Epiphany
Intelligence Platform

Know the Possible

Epiphany evaluates your attack surface the way threat actors do to assess your environment and identify weaknesses from your adversary's perspective. Our adversarial model finds the entry points and paths most advantageous to the attacker and identifies where to prioritize your resources for the greatest impact.

Know the Possible

Detect the Exploitable

The Epiphany Intelligence Platform analyzes the outcome of thousands of potential attack permutations to find exploitable vulnerabilities and determine both the likelihood and potential outcome of a successful attack. Epiphany highlights the risk to specific assets as well as impact at the enterprise level.

Detect the Exploitable

Prioritize the Exposure

Chasing vulnerabilities in an exercise in futility: not every vulnerability is exploitable, and not every exploitable vulnerability is a high priority. Context is crucial for effective cybersecurity.

The Epiphany Intelligence Platform efficiently minimizes your attack surface by providing prioritized recommendations to mitigate potential risk and break the most chains.

Prioritize the Exposure

Prevent the Material Impact

Because Epiphany knows the best attack paths, it also knows the best way to disrupt the attack. Applying context and artificial intelligence for effective exposure management enables you to focus your resources on the risks that have the greatest chance of causing a material impact.

Prevent the Material Impact

I want to...

Immediate Business Impact

Immediate Business Impact

Automated continuous threat exposure management.

Identify latest threats and risks 24/7/365

Quick time-to-value.

Ingest and aggregate data from existing security tools

Proactively prevent attacks. 

Identify and mitigate exploitable attack paths

Expose Most Exploitable Attack Paths

Expose Most Exploitable Attack Paths

Put your security on offense. 

Analyze environment the way threat actors do

Identify gaps in security posture. 

Understand weaknesses in tools & configurations

Focus on business impact. 

Prioritize mitigation of threats likely to cause material impact

Mitigate The Threats That Matter

Mitigate The Threats That Matter

Continuous real-time analysis 

Build map of users and devices exposed to exploitation

Crucial perspective 

Evaluate environment and potential outcomes like an adversary

Streamline security efforts 

Prioritize mitigating risks that break the most attack chains 

Maximize Value Of Your Security Tools

Maximize Value Of Your Security Tools

Focus on what matters

Target efforts to prevent material impact 

Cost-effective security

More efficient mitigation for better protection in fewer steps 

Identify gaps in security

Reveal hidden risks and blind spots in your environment


Optimize Existing Security Tools

Epiphany analyzes data from your existing IT and security systems, and shows you which tools are most effective in protecting your environment.


Risk Visualization

Epiphany can find hidden risks in your environment that traditional scan tools can’t. It displays attack chains between isolated networks via domain relationships and exposed services.

Secure Integration

Epiphany collects and correlates data across system boundaries, without affecting security or operation. It reduces risk in building systems, industrial control systems, IoT devices, mobile assets, and core enterprise information systems.

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The Epiphany Intelligence Platform enables a shift to proactive security by providing the information and context organizations need for an effective and continuous threat exposure management program. Our solution provides visibility, prioritization, and risk mitigation by focusing on the material impact to critical resources within your organization and shows you the most efficient way to minimize your exposure.


Dan Singer
Co-Founder and CEO, Epiphany Systems

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